Frightful Night 

So last night was kind of scary for a while. The bathroom window, which also extends partially to my seat was open. My seatmate pointed it out before we left and they “closed it” but it popped open again the second we pulled out of the depot. We pointed it out again, but the driver just said thank you and ignored it. So there it was flapping and blowing wide open for about 2 hours. The young man in front of me got it to stay mostly closed for a bit, but after we made a fairly wide turn into a Greyhound package drop off it popped open again. And the driver still ignored it until about 20 minutes down the road when he finally pulled over, made an announcement about a “defective window” and closed it. I barely slept though, I was too nervous it would open again.

On the plus side, though, my new seatmate is pretty cool. Older fella, former trucker, shared his licorice with me. We chatted about silly things whilst listening to the window flap and then he went to sleep once it was finally closed.

We’re back in Swift Current now, enjoying an unnecessarily early breakfast. We pulled in at 6:30 local time. But that’s fine, I was starving anyway. Today’s delicacies include a bacon ‘n’ egg sammich with hash browns and chocolate milk. 

Not bad for greasy diner food. And if I so choose, I can have second breakfast in Regina at 10:30 local. I’ll be a fat little hobbitses. 


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