This is one wild ride 

We picked this lady up, I’m not sure when because I was asleep, and she’s something else. And I use the term lady loosely. I’m not usually down with taking photos of people just to mock them, but look at this:

Yes, that is a bikini and a wrap she’s wearing. But the important part is the plastic bag she’s holding. That’s a bottle of Grower’s hard cider. We stopped at a gas station in Whitewood, Saskatchewan, and I pointed it out to the driver. Guess who’s still at that gas station in Whitewood, Saskatchewan? Yup. Sorry lady, but when you wanna drink illegally and make people uncomfortable, I’m gonna do something about it.

But the Whitewood, Saskatchewan adventures don’t stop with her. Oh, no, that would be too easy. Another fella got himself kicked off the bus for stealing a pair of sunglasses from the aforementioned gas station. Why would you steal something when you’re about to get back into a sardine can where you can be searched?


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