Finally back in Thunder Bay 

It was ten to midnight when we finally left Winnipeg last night. We were in Dryden at quarter to five, and got here to Thunder Bay at around 10:00. With any luck I’ll be home in 12-14 hours. Which will be torture because my backside is so sore it’s stopped going numb. 

But now for the more interesting story: in Winnipeg we picked up a…”young man”…who will henceforth be known as Junkie Jack. Since I had a seat reservation I got on amongst the first 5 people. The driver requested that after the people with reservations boarded, that families with small children move to the front to board next. But this did not suit Junkie Jack at all. He raced ahead of the rest and got on the bus. He didn’t choose a seat though. Oh, no. Junkie Jack took his duffle bag and headed straight to the bus’s bathroom. For at least 25 minutes while the boarding continued. Someone knocked because they needed the bathroom after about 15 minutes and Junkie Jack said they’d just have to keep waiting. He actually didn’t come out until the driver banged on the door and told him to come out.

Junkie Jack’s story doesn’t end here, however. I was sleeping the next time Junkie Jack headed to the bathroom, but I was woken up by an older woman banging on the door and shouting that she had to go now. The guy in the back seat said Junkie Jack had been in there for over am hour at that point. When Junkie Jack exited the bathroom, he was once again carrying his duffle bag. His excuse was that he fell asleep. However, take a wild guess what was found on the bathroom floor while we were stopped in Thunder Bay. A used needle and some other paraphernalia. Sadly, since we camt prove it was Junkie Jack, he’s still aboard the bus.


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