Journey’s End

I’ve finally made it home. I feel like I’ve been through the ringer, and I look about as good.

But now I’m with my hunny in a McD’s drive thru grabbing something I can shove in my face before I go to bed.

Until my next adventure, peeps. Wishing clear skies and safe travels.


Getting there…

Back in Blind River at the Timmies. I can’t be bothered to go buy anything this close to home, I’m just sitting here watching everyone else loiter in the parking lot.

Now, if I’m incredibly fortunate, I’ll be home by 3AM.

How does time work again?

After being an hour away from Sault Saint Marie for an hour and a half, we’re finally at a tiny, beat-up hotel picking passengers and freight. In another two hours, or more likely three hours given the way this bus time-warps, we’ll be stopping for 20 minutes at Timmies in Blind River. I’m starting to resent these rest stops, honestly. I could be home in less than four hours if this was a straight shot. As it is, I’m probably looking at 6+ hours.

Finally back in Thunder Bay 

It was ten to midnight when we finally left Winnipeg last night. We were in Dryden at quarter to five, and got here to Thunder Bay at around 10:00. With any luck I’ll be home in 12-14 hours. Which will be torture because my backside is so sore it’s stopped going numb. 

But now for the more interesting story: in Winnipeg we picked up a…”young man”…who will henceforth be known as Junkie Jack. Since I had a seat reservation I got on amongst the first 5 people. The driver requested that after the people with reservations boarded, that families with small children move to the front to board next. But this did not suit Junkie Jack at all. He raced ahead of the rest and got on the bus. He didn’t choose a seat though. Oh, no. Junkie Jack took his duffle bag and headed straight to the bus’s bathroom. For at least 25 minutes while the boarding continued. Someone knocked because they needed the bathroom after about 15 minutes and Junkie Jack said they’d just have to keep waiting. He actually didn’t come out until the driver banged on the door and told him to come out.

Junkie Jack’s story doesn’t end here, however. I was sleeping the next time Junkie Jack headed to the bathroom, but I was woken up by an older woman banging on the door and shouting that she had to go now. The guy in the back seat said Junkie Jack had been in there for over am hour at that point. When Junkie Jack exited the bathroom, he was once again carrying his duffle bag. His excuse was that he fell asleep. However, take a wild guess what was found on the bathroom floor while we were stopped in Thunder Bay. A used needle and some other paraphernalia. Sadly, since we camt prove it was Junkie Jack, he’s still aboard the bus.

Running late…yay…

I’m back in Winnipeg waiting for the security check to start. We were supposed to have left at 10:15 local time but it’s currently 10:20 and the bus that was supposed to leave before us is just going through security now. I just want to get home guys, come on!

I treated myself to a seat reservation for this portion of the trip.

For an extra $5.25 I get to board first, and I was able to pick a window seat for this last leg. With any luck this will be my last Greyhound ever and next time I’ll be flying to BC when I go again. Now to just wait impatiently for the boarding call.

Mmm freshness 

Stopped at a truck stop in Virden, Manitoba. We have a half-hour food break while the driver goes to drop off freight. There’s a Timmies, A&W, Pizza Pizza, and Subway. I beelined to Subway for something more or less fresh, and am now sitting outside in the damned heatwave enjoying my strawberry lemonade.

This is apparently our last food stop before Winnipeg. And then I get to board the last bus I’ll have to transfer to before I get home.

This is one wild ride 

We picked this lady up, I’m not sure when because I was asleep, and she’s something else. And I use the term lady loosely. I’m not usually down with taking photos of people just to mock them, but look at this:

Yes, that is a bikini and a wrap she’s wearing. But the important part is the plastic bag she’s holding. That’s a bottle of Grower’s hard cider. We stopped at a gas station in Whitewood, Saskatchewan, and I pointed it out to the driver. Guess who’s still at that gas station in Whitewood, Saskatchewan? Yup. Sorry lady, but when you wanna drink illegally and make people uncomfortable, I’m gonna do something about it.

But the Whitewood, Saskatchewan adventures don’t stop with her. Oh, no, that would be too easy. Another fella got himself kicked off the bus for stealing a pair of sunglasses from the aforementioned gas station. Why would you steal something when you’re about to get back into a sardine can where you can be searched?

Frightful Night 

So last night was kind of scary for a while. The bathroom window, which also extends partially to my seat was open. My seatmate pointed it out before we left and they “closed it” but it popped open again the second we pulled out of the depot. We pointed it out again, but the driver just said thank you and ignored it. So there it was flapping and blowing wide open for about 2 hours. The young man in front of me got it to stay mostly closed for a bit, but after we made a fairly wide turn into a Greyhound package drop off it popped open again. And the driver still ignored it until about 20 minutes down the road when he finally pulled over, made an announcement about a “defective window” and closed it. I barely slept though, I was too nervous it would open again.

On the plus side, though, my new seatmate is pretty cool. Older fella, former trucker, shared his licorice with me. We chatted about silly things whilst listening to the window flap and then he went to sleep once it was finally closed.

We’re back in Swift Current now, enjoying an unnecessarily early breakfast. We pulled in at 6:30 local time. But that’s fine, I was starving anyway. Today’s delicacies include a bacon ‘n’ egg sammich with hash browns and chocolate milk. 

Not bad for greasy diner food. And if I so choose, I can have second breakfast in Regina at 10:30 local. I’ll be a fat little hobbitses.