Just passed through the security check. Now I just have to wait for the other 8,000 people the pass through. Saw one guy get rejected for alcohol consumption. But apparently he didn’t choose to drink it. It’s just that he was at the casino and drank it. Flawless logic.

I got to have a balloon party with myself while I waited in line.

Now I get to sit on the hot stuffy bus with my fever and hope for the merciful air conditioning gods to be kind to me. I’m not entirely hopeful though, since this is an ancient bus that doesn’t have electrical plugs not Wi-Fi. 


I hate waiting

Back in Calgary waiting for my next bus. I’m stiff and sore and tired, and just to make it more fun, I have a fever and upset stomach. I’ve been waiting about an hour now and hoping some gravol will cure me. Of course, there’s no store nearby and I have no change for the vending machine.

Back in Banff

The first leg of this trip home is almost over. We’re in Banff picking up a boatload of people. The view is nice though.

I’m going to end up with another really long wait once we get to Calgary. The bus to Winnipeg leaves at 11:30, but we should be in Calgary between 7:30 and 8:00 (local time). Yaaaaaaay…..

Just because you could…

…doesn’t mean you should. We pulled up to a stop sign, single lane on both sides and ended up making a smoosh.

See, we were making a right turn and the driver left some space to make the wide turn. And this little old man in the red shirt decided to take advantage of the gap the bus driver left and tried to squeeze through. But the driver didn’t see him and went to make his own turn and, well, smoosh. Broke the driver’s side mirror off and squished some of the side panels a little. The bus is fine. And there was an ambulance behind us when it happened, and since they didn’t stay long I can o my hooe the little old man is all right. So, little old man, I hope you learned that just because you could pass on the right, it doesn’t mean you should.

And now I get to fill out one of these.

Breakfast in Kelowna

Our first actual stop since leaving Vancouver. And I am starving. I got a lovely omelette breakfast wrap that had salsa, sour cream, and bacon. Trail mix just doesn’t cut it as a breakfast food. Lol.

We’re running about an hour to an hour and a half behind at this point, between some dick named Dick forgetting what town he wanted off in and some other dick stealing the driver’s phone and forcing us to wait for the police. I hope I don’t end up missing my connection in Calgary.

On the road again 

We’ve now pulled out of the bus depot and are on our way. I ended up with a very long-legged fella sitting with me. These legs will probably be a problem because he has to stick them in my zone. Luckily he’s getting off long before I do.

While I’m not excited to leave, I am excited to get a good nights rest in my own bed in a couple days.


Finally boarding the bus. They said the bus was going to be packed, but so far it’s only about half full. I scored my favourite seat and so far am by myself. Lots of luggage though…

A young couple with an infant tried to buy tickets about an hour ago and were told the bus was sold out. No offense to them but I’m glad they and their infant are not going to be on this bus. It’s hard enough to sleep on a bus without a crying baby. And it seems kind of unsafe to take a baby that young on a bus when you can’t keep him in a car seat.

There’s a middle-aged Quebecois rancher on the bus who keeps asking me to take pictures of him on the bus to send to his mom. It’s kind of hilarious. Apparently his ranch is somewhere near Vernon, BC. It was his dream to retire out here and have a ranch.

Three and a half hour wait…

So now I get to sit here at Pacific Central Station and wait till midnight, which is when my bus finally leaves. Ive made it through my first half hour and now I have 3.5 hours to go.

I currently have entertainment in the form of an over-excited man who is either severely mentally ill or super drugged-out. He’s out in the loading zone spinning in circles yelling “fuck” and “I’m so stupid”.  Three employees of some sort and now an official-looking security guy have asked him if he’s okay and he just says, “yes sir, I’m okay sir, I’m just stupid”. I think maybe he’s lost his ticket, which is obviously not helping his mental state. Poor guy. 😦

There’s also another young man on the phone with his mum freaking out because “that bitch” made him miss his plane yesterday day and now it’s her fault he’s out $250 because she kicked him out today and that’s why he left her 7 years ago. I dont feel bad for this guy…sounds like he voluntarily stepped right into his situation.

Between these two guys I’m vaguely uncomfortable.

More Ferries

I’m currently waiting for an iced coffee at the Departure Bay ferry terminal. It’s highly necessary after accidentally freaking myself out thinking I’d lost my ID.

I’ve also checked my luggage for the first time. I finally had time to do so. Last time I had to race to catch the ferry every other time.